Kissiah Moore, Director

Phone Number

Mailing Address
PO Box 2430
Hinesville, GA  31313

Facility Hours
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.     OR

By Appointment 

2022 Night Classes

CPR & First Aid Training
American Heart Association (AHA) CPR and First Aid classes are offered every other month, or as requested. To register or inquire about the next class, please contact us.

Receive $25 per Referral

Receive $25 gift card for each candidate that enrolls in our program, completes the course and becomes certified. Refer here.

In-Person Classes

  • Jan. 4th - Feb. 11th
  • Mar. 1st - Apr. 8th
  • Apr. 26th - June 3rd
  • June 21st - July 29th​

Training Facility
150 Butler Avenue

Suite D1 & D3

Midway, GA  31320

Hybrid Classes

  • Jan. 8th - Feb. 4th
  • Feb. 5th - Mar. 4th
  • Mar. 5th - Apr. 1st
  • ​Apr. 2nd - Apr. 29th
  • Apr. 30th - May 27th
  • ​May 28th - June 24th


Certified Nurse Aide/ Assistant (CNA) Training
A CNA is a health care worker who provides basic nursing services to the elderly and disabled patients/clients.

2022 Day Classes

Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training

Coming Soon.

Hybrid Classes

  • Jan. 22nd - Feb. 25th
  • Feb. 26th - Apr. 1st
  • Apr. 2nd - May 6th
  • May 7th - June 10th​

In-Person Classes

  • Feb. 14th - Apr. 8th
  • June 6th - July 29th


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