Our Mission

Infinite Health Care Academy’s mission is to graduate men and women who possess the skills, character and ethics needed to service clients and patients in the local communities and beyond.

Our Vision

To produce graduates with the skills needed to provide competent, compassionate, and concerned health care to clients in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, health care facilities, or client and patient’s homes. 

About Infinite Health Care Academy (IHCA)

In 2007, a beloved family member was in a tragic accident that caused 3 months of hospitalization and an additional 3 months of being bed-ridden. During this trying time, the family was very dependent on care and expertise that was provided by the CNAs, PCTs, LPNs and RNs that were there on a daily basis, at home and in the hospital. This experience presented the importance of having knowledgeable, caring and skillful people to help take care of elderly or sick people. To pay homage to the care, compassion and concern shown by everyone, Infinite Health Care Academy was created.

The purpose of IHCA is to provide the continuous need of the healthcare industry with skilled people and to provide people that are in transition, desiring to learn a new trade or looking for an entry into the healthcare field, a program that will properly prepare them to become certified workers.

Our Nurse Aide/Assistant training program is approved by Georgia Medical Care Foundation (GMCF) Nurse Aide Program (NAP).