Do you know someone that has been looking to start a career in healthcare? Someone that wants to become a CNA? Or someone that needs to get certified in CPR and/or First Aid? If so, please participate in our Referral Program.

Student referrals are a great way to source qualified applicants that are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry.

If you know someone who might be interested in enrolling in one of Infinite Health Care Academy's programs, please complete our quick on-line form. Submit the contact information of your referral(s) in the form on the right or come to our office to complete the form. Once your referral signs up, pays for and graduates the program, and passes the state exam, you will receive a $25.00 gift card for each person that you referred.

What else can you do to help spread the word about our program?

  • Share your own experience with potential Infinite Health Care Academy students.
  • Direct them to our website or Facebook page.
  • Encourage them to attend an information session or special event.
  • Post a review on our Facebook page.

What happens when Infinite Health Care Academy receives my referral?

We enter the candidate's name and address into our database. The candidate will receive a phone call from our admissions representative explaining our Nursing Assistant program and other programs.

Does the candidate have to know about Infinite Health Care Academy?
No. The candidate does not have to be familiar with Infinite Health Care Academy. By sending us the candidate's name, you are giving us the opportunity to introduce Infinite Health Care Academy to the potential student.

Who should I refer to Infinite Health Care Academy?
You should refer colleagues, class mates, neighbors, church members or family members, etc. -  anyone who is interested in the healthcare industry and for whom we may be a good "fit."

Does the referral candidate have to enroll into one of Infinite Health Care Academy's programs?
To be able to receive the $25 dollar gift card for referring the candidate, yes, they will have to enroll. 

We hope that the candidate will want to enroll into one of Infinite Health Care Academy's courses after learning about our programs; however, they do not have to enroll.

How do I get the $25 gift card(s)?

Once the referred candidate enrolls in the program, you will be contacted. At this time a request for your mailing address will be made. Your information will be kept on file. After the student graduates the program and takes the state exam and passes, the $25 gift card(s) will be mailed out to you. We will contact you before we mail that gift card, so that you know to expect it.