IHCA’s CMA/T Training Program

IHCA’s CMA/T Training encompasses the fundamental theories and skills underlying the nursing profession. It prepares students to sit for the Georgia certification exam for medication aide. 

We currently offer a Hybrid CMA/T Certification Course. The course takes 7 days to complete - Saturday to Friday. The first 4 days (Saturday to Tuesday) is online; the fifth day (Wednesday) is in-person at our training facility for content review; on the sixth day (Thursday) students will meet the instructor at an assisted living facility for clinicals; and on the last day (Friday) the students will prepare for the state exam and then take it. 

​​​In addition to the general responsibilities of a CNA, a CMA/T may have the following additional duties:

  • Record the quantity of dosage and time of medication usage
  • Collect samples for laboratory analysis
  • Dispense both non-prescription and prescription medication to patients
  • Collaborate with the nursing team to handle patient medication and care
  • Ensure the dispensary is well-stocked with adequate medication supplies
  • Advise and educate patients to ensure they comply with instructions on proper medication use
  • Alert supervisors to any adverse changes in patients due to medication
  • Follow all health regulations to ensure the safety of patients and staff

What is a CMA/T?
A CMA/T is a Certified Medication Technician/Aide that is trained to dispense daily medication to patients in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Community Center Hospices, Schools, Outpatient Facilities or other healthcare facilities.

Certified Medication Technician/Aide (CMA/T) Training Program

What does a CMA/T do?
CMA/Ts may work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). The CMA/T will be responsible for dispensing medication to patients daily and monitor dosage and medication use.

​The cost of this program is $360.00. To secure your seat in the class, students will have to make a 50% payment before taking the course, the second/last payment is due prior to taking the state exam. The program cost covers instruction; lab and instructional materials; and online access fee. 

Additionally, students are responsible for paying the state exam fee of $25.00. Payments are acceptable online with a debit/credit card.

When are the next scheduled classes? Please contact Kissiah Moore at kissiah@infinitehcacademy.com or call 404-913-1948 to get information on upcoming classes.

How do I apply to the Certified Medication Technician/Aide Program?

To apply to the program, please fill out our online application. If you have any issues, please contact Kissiah Moore at kissiah@infinitehcacademy.com or call 404-913-1948.